Moby Dick 70cl

MOB rum bottle 1

To fully appreciate the flavors of MOBy Dick, it is recommended to shake the bottle and serve it chilled.


Here you have nothing to prepare, only to enjoy...

A sumptuous rum from the islands of turquoise waters, a unique combination of coconut milk and shavings, cane sugar and spices.

Everything is there, in your glass: the authenticity, the exuberance of the flavors, the feeling of celebration like no other.

Connoisseur or neophyte, the trip is so rich that it is difficult to resist!



It's all about you, not the Drink

MOB rum bottle 2

The name MOB is inspired by the marine environment.

The absence of ingredients and industrial processes is testament to the excellence of our product, as well as to the fact that only a few hundred bottles are available each year.

MOB rum bottle 3

From mixology to packaging, each bottle is carefully handcrafted directly in our hideout on the French Riviera.


MOB offers a unique taste experience for all rum lovers and curious alike.


To enjoy an optimal taste experience, the alcohol content is 18% vol.

MOB rum bottle 4